Critical praise for:

"Ann Kuchins has remarkable stage presence as Bess Canaan"

Ann Kuchins as Bess and Margo Sims as Posey in Heathen, part two
Photo by Stacy Marshall

"Diana Brown has a great deal of spontaneity as Jenny Safrit."

Diana Brown as Jenny and Robert Cooper as Dr. Brevard
Photo by Stacy Marshall

"Susan Jackson, in an appealing performance as 
Marion Peallin, soon to be ex-wife of bigamist Judge Peallin." 

Susan Jackson as Marion and Eric Nelson as Williams
Photo by Stacy Marshall

"Krug gives a wonderful tour de force performance as Lacy."

Adrienne Krug as Lacy, PeterOtterMarryMe as himself
Photo by Stacy Marshall

"wonderfully comic performances."
Robert Cooper, Adrienne Krug, Ann Kuchins,
Susan Jackson, Margo Sims, Diana Brown and Eric Nelson

                                                                     "top notch"
-Flora Lynn Isaacon, For All Events

Critical praise for:
4MERCY: Friendly Fires

"Fabulous Acting, intimate setting, down home hospitality."
-SF Gate

Critical praise for:
4GIVENESS: In a Family Way

"The plays all add up to a wonderful evening's entertainment."
-Floralynn Isaacson, For All Events 

"The ladies (Brown and Jackson) have great playing energy as well as a flare for comedy."
               - For All Events,

Diana Brown as Nandy & Susan Jackson as Peaches
 in ROCKETS RED GLARE part one
Photo by Stacy Marshall
"Susan Jackson proved herself to be a wonderful comedic actress."
- For All Events,
Susan Jackson as Marion Peallin in FOR I AM NOT BREAKING
Photo by Stacy Marshall

"Eric Nelson gave a strong portrayal of
Dr. John Camaan watching
General Sherman burning down the South."                                                                               
                      - For All Events,

Eric Nelson as Dr. John Camaan and Margo Sims
as Posey in HEATHEN
Photo by Stacy Marshall

"They (Brown and Nelson) have wonderful chemistry in this delightfully comic scene."  
- For All Events,

Diana Brown as Nandy and Eric Nelson as Salacious
Photo by Cindy Shine

"Adrienne Krug stars as Crazy Lacy in a Lily Tomlin-like performance."
-For All Events,

Eric Nelson as Salacious and Adrienne Krug as Lacy
Photo by Cindy Shine

-Floralynn Isaacson, For All Events
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Critical praise for

“Jackson's triptych of tenderly-written character studies offers audiences a rare kind of simply staged intimacy that is refreshingly honest and genuinely touching, deriving its dramatic power from its quietest moments of soul searching as well as the strength of her script.”

-George Haymont, My Cultural Landscape

Susan Jackson as Marion with "Precious"

"Excels with poignant writing, performances.."
"Playwright Jackson zooms in on the perfect moment in a life to pinpoint and flesh out.  The playlets speak of lifetimes with simple honesty."

"Subtle and poignant"

-Tom W. Kelly, San Francisco Bay Times

Margo Sims as Basil and Adrienne Krug as Annie

“Diana Brown, as Red, provides what is arguably the best performance at the FRINGE OF MARIN.”

-Jeffery R. Smith, For All Events

Adrienne Krug as Ruby and Diana Brown as Red