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 Sep 20, 2012 - AllenWrench
Another Great Night of Theater w/Southern RR Co!
Playwright Susan Jackson continues her Southern Saga 
w/5 great plays about gratitude, duty & personal desires.
We go from a plantation at the end of the Civil War 
to a present day 'Wedding of the Century' 
between tempestuous lovers 
Nandy (Diana Brown) & Salacious P. (Eric Nelson) 
with a well-directed, excellent cast.

4GIVENESS: in a Family Way

5 out of 5 Stars
Jun 22, 2011 - AllenWrench
4GIVENESS: In a Family Way is GREAT!
What a great show! Funny, thought-provoking & (bitter)sweet. An excellent cast, great script & a cracking pace make this well worth your time. Diana Brown & Eric Nelson steal the show as tumultuous lovers at a Sonic drive-in. Warning: show may make you crave a burger w/cole slaw!

4.5 out of 5 Stars
Jun 17, 2011 - mestern49
4GIVENESS: In a Family Way
Fabulous acting, intimate setting, down home hospitality (free wine, coffee, water, snacks and friendly greetings), comfortable seating, and a theme that all can relate to no matter your background. (We all have some family/friends and we all have forgiveness to deal with.) So the seating is a bit difficult to access merely because you have to enter right at the stage and up the middle. Everyone should be in their seats at the beginning of the performance and stay until intermission or the end anyway! I was impressed with the professional level of every aspect. This is an entertaining event where you feel like royalty. Go support this company!

"It was a great evening of theatre! 
...writing is stellar and the cast matches it!"
The evening had a lovely balance- "Heathen" was a very moving piece that made us
realize all the Southern accent and spoof on tradition has deep roots.
I think my favorite scene was For I am not Breaking, part 1- it was real and
sincere and showed humanity with the obvious biases, but its deeper sense of
love- it showed the depth of a real friendship between two women who are different but
aligned and loyal... achieved what is often so hard to do-
showed very believable, lovable people who had flaws that are forgivable, that
are understandable. 
Bottom line;  I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and wish you well in the run. 
It is worthy of much applause!

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"There were so many delightful moments. We are just beginning to appreciate what we saw last night.
Thank you for your gifts."
(Audience Member)

"I went home Saturday night with that buoyant feeling that you get from a wonderful evening of theatre."
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"We LOVED it. If I was a theatre critic I'd have the little man jumping out of his chair. The writing, directing and acting was superb.
An evening made complete by both, intelligent and comedic entertainment. We can't wait for the company's next presentation."
George and Sheila
(Audience Members)

The humor and traditions that reflect the "Southern" culture are so distinctively unique and the historic trials and tribulations so defining!   Your work definitely transported us to that region, those various times, and the quintessential events and characters - all of us thoroughly enjoyed each story and every character!
An exceptional production in every way!
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